Visit to Secure Data Storage Facility

On Tuesday 15th May 2012 Visited Vault 247 Gibraltar’s Secure Data Storage Centre. Deep within the Rock of Gibraltar, the secure data facility run by Vault Technology Services (VTS), was once a N.A.T.O. regional headquarters and was used until recently by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Members were informed of how the Continuity Data Centre concept provides a world class leading, highly secure and independent environment for the housing and protection of critical business data whilst utilizing and maintaining a natural resource. The design of the facility features tiered support and infrastructure services, permitting clients to create their own continuity strategy; supported by a highly resilient base services infrastructure. A wide array of data protection services is offered, including industry leading disaster recovery and recovery and hosting options.

On a historical note members were shown the 1940 Allied Command Headquarters which was built midway off the Admiralty Tunnel. Neidemprowscomplul . They were able to see the Board room with the maps outlining the various landing points for Operation Torch-the Allied invasion ofNorth Africa.  They also saw the Ops room of the COMCEN .

At the end of the Visit the Group’s Chairman, Mr Ramin Khalilian, expressed his thanks to Mr Charles Yeo, of Vault Technology Services Ltd, who had hosted the visit and presented him with a tie bearing the logo of the Gibraltar Group of Professional Engineers.